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Zero tolerance

At ADROIT we are adamant about everyone's safety, and thus our zero-tolerance policy.  Our policy includes but is not limited to both drug and alcohol use while driving or attending a ride for ADROIT.  That means not only should a partner not use drugs or ingest alcohol before, during, or between rides, but the partner should also refrain from using drugs in the vehicle.  Any claim or report of a violation is sufficient for ADROIT to suspend the driver from its platform and begin its investigation.  Partners found to be in violation will remain suspended and their duties reassigned.

Our zero-tolerance policy extends to any physical contact with riders and the illegal use of a mobile device for talking, texting, or using a phone while driving for ADROIT.

Violations may be reported by contacting our Customer Care team by emailing or calling (888) 778-3413.  Violations may also be reported through the Commission’s Passenger section at or 1-800-894-9444.

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