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Our Services in a Nutshell


Special Needs Students

When it comes to serving students with special needs, not just any driver will do.  Based on every student's IEP we make the perfect student-driver match.  ADROIT drivers are compassionate and have the safety and well-being of your students at heart.


McKinney-Vento and ESSA

Everyone should have the opportunity for an education.  We can help provide transportation for all of your McKinney-Vento students whether they live inside or outside of your district.


Out of District Transportation

We understand that your students may have unique needs requiring them to attend schools outside of your district.  We can make sure that these transportation needs are taken care in a manner that ensures a quality experience for your students, and cost effectively.


Non-Public Schools Transportation

Not a public school?  Don't have a federal budget to support your transportation needs?  Don't worry, we got your back.  Just let us know what transportation needs you have and we assure you that we'll devise a plan that you'll love in no time.


Joint School District

Transporting your students to the same specialized school as your neighbor school district?  We can help you join forces and provide transportation that makes the cost more reasonable for both of you.

We have a lot more to share with you!
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