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Become a Driver and Start Changing Lives

Searching for a new job is never easy. You spend countless hours filling out applications and dressing up for interviews — sometimes for a job that you don’t even really want. But, you know, it’s a job. It’ll get the bills paid, right? Does it even matter if you enjoy it?

It does. Having a job that you enjoy can add years to your life by dramatically reducing your level of stress. At ADROIT, we have a job opportunity that we not only know you will love, but that will change your life and the lives of others every day. In today’s blog, you’ll be able to read more about the opportunities that we have for you to become one of our qualified drivers and start changing the lives of special education students in Belmont and the surrounding areas.

Making the decision to become a driver with ADROIT is the first step in not only changing your life but the lives of others. Not only will you have an impact in the lives of special education students, but the lives of their parents and families as well. Our drivers provide the safest and most reliable transportation services to special education students. Check out all the reasons why becoming a driver with ADROIT can change your life for the better:

Build Relationships

As a driver for ADROIT, you will have the same route every day so that your kids and families are able to get to know you and build that level of trust and understanding. Everyone will look forward to our transportation services for their special needs students! As you build these relationships every day, you’ll find that just by being a positive presence in their life you are making a difference.

Control Your Day

With each ride, you earn $30. And with a set schedule and route, you’ll be able to make predictable pay and control your day. It’s not easy these days to find a job that offers a consistent schedule and pay, but with ADROIT, you’ll never have to worry about it. You control your schedule and you’ll have a consistent, predictable paycheck.

Each applicant that comes through our system must meet a few requirements before we can continue on through the hiring process. You must be at least 23 years old and have had a valid in-state license for at least one year. You must have access to a 4-door vehicle that is reliable and no more than 10 years old. Additionally, you must have valid auto insurance, up-to-date registration and plates, a social security number, and experience working with children.

In addition to these initial requirements, we ask that you pass a number of different background checks. Working with special education students can be a sensitive occupation. Therefore, we require that you pass a National Background Check, alcohol and drug screening, and many more.

If, by the end of this blog, you can’t wait to apply, we’d love to hear from you! We know that becoming a driver with ADROIT will change your life for the better, and we can’t wait to meet you. To apply, fill out our online application or get in touch with us today!

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