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Frequently Asked Questions About Adroit's Student Transportation

  • What is Adroit?
    Adroit Advanced Technologies, Inc. is a transportation management company that efficiently coordinate transportation of students from their homes to school. Adroit was developed by transportation experts who understand the stress of driving students in a safe and comfortable way. The goal of Adroit is to solve an existing problem in the public transportation field, and to address the safety concerns as parents put trust into someone transporting their child. We have come up with safe solutions that fit the needs of school districts, while providing a peace of mind to the parents.
  • What services do we offer?
    Special Needs Students. McKinney-Vento and ESSA Out of District Transportation Non-Public Schools Transportation Joint School District
  • Are there any rules of conduct for Drivers?
    Yes of course. All drivers are held to a very high standards. After passing our extensive background checks and meeting our qualifications, we perform individualized driver interviews. Our expectations are made clear and our zero tolerance policy is outlined during the interview process.
  • How can I be confident that my kids are safe?
    Our driving model was proficiently designed with our own kids in mind, which is why we are adamant about our safety policy. Using the expert advice of parents, childcare workers, and other child safety experts, we have developed safety protocols to give parents a peace of mind.
  • Is Adroit insured?
    Absolutely. In fact, our coverage exceeds current regulatory requirements. We have a customized insurance coverage specifically designed for transporting children, and have worked closely with our insurance brokers to establish and monitor ongoing safety procedures.
  • Are the drivers' vehicles inspected?
    All vehicles have to pass a 19 points vehicles inspection and we ask all drivers to provide a third party vehicle inspection. In addition, all inspections have to renewed annually.
  • What is included in the inspection?
    The 19-point vehicle inspection is an industry standard mechanics use to evaluate and ensure a car’s safety and operability. This inspection covers testing that ranges from fluids to the suspension system. All vehicles must be certified by a professional mechanic and be 10 years old or newer.
  • Can the parents interview the driver to ensure that they agree with the selection?
    When a driver is paired with a student, the driver and the area coordinator schedule a visit to the family to meet the parents and the students. The service begins after the parents give their approval of the driver.
  • Do you monitor cell phone use while the drivers are driving?
    We monitor every ride via live GPS tracking. Because of our proprietary advanced technological system, we are able to detect phone usage for each driver. Adroit has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to texting or talking while driving.
  • What if there is an accident?
    If an accident occurs, the driver is instructed to safely pull to the shoulder of the road and call the authorities, emergency responders (as necessary), and our live driver support team. The school district and the student’s legal guardians are also notified to let them know what happened and what the next step will be.
  • Will my child have the same driver all school year?
    Adroit strives to keep the same driver and two sub-drivers for the whole school year unless the parents or school district request otherwise.
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